About Us

When Quiggins closed down, the majority of traders relocated to the Grand Central Hall on Renshaw Street.  Just a few doors up from the Adelphi Hotel, its flamboyant and psychedelic, art decor interior immediately transformed the place into a bustling hive of alternative new age shops.
With it being in close proximity to Liverpool University, its vibrant, energetic atmosphere soon gave it the reputation as being the ultimate student shopping mall.  

Headsupplies.co.uk is Liverpool's No. 1 choice for smoking paraphernalia.

As you enter the Grand Central Hall, take the stairs down into the basement and you will then find yourself amongst an Aladdin's Cave, crammed full with all the top name brands of Vaporizers, such as The Volcano; as well as many other cool stuff, such as Incense Sticks and holders, Pipes, Grinders, E-Cigs and E-Liquids. We also sell other novelty items, gifts, Party Tricks and UV Body Paint.  

In October 2011, The Grand Central Hall re-opened its top floor dome section to host a wide variety of entertainment events. The natural, vibrant energy of the building had transformed "The Dome" into one of Liverpool's most exciting, live music venues of all time.  Other events also regularly take place, such as comedy and cabaret acts, private parties and even indoor sports such as boxing and wrestling.    

For more information regarding the hiring of The Dome or to find out of up and coming events, then please check out their Facebook Page or enquire further within our shop.